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 Office of the Permanent Secretary 
 Formulate and implement the Ministry's policies and strategies 
            Serve as the center for coordination among its agencies 
            Provide support to Provincial Justice Offices and the Justice Service Link by giving advice and legal assistance and receiving complaints

 Department of Probation 
 Deal with investigation, supervision, rehabilitation, and support of offenders before, during and after trial as prescribed by laws
            Handle the rehabilitation of drug addicts in accordance with laws related to the rehabilitation of drug addicts 
            Promote the rehabilitation of offenders in the community 
            Develop systems and procedures for treatment of offenders in the community 
            Enhance, encourage and facilitate the participation from community and civil society in the form of the Community Justice or others that can prevent society from crimes

 Rights and Liberties Protection Department 
 Deal with people's rights and liberties as recognized by law 
            Develop administration systems for the promotion and protection of the people's rights and liberties by raising public awareness of their own rights and liberties 
            Develop systems and measures for assisting victims of crimes
            Provide financial assistance for innocent injured persons and victims in criminal cases as provided by the governing law 
            Promote and develop a mechanism for dispute settlement in the society 
            Protect witnesses in criminal cases in accordance with the Witness Protection Act 
            Coordinate with the public and private sectors at both national and international levels on the protection of rights and liberties 
            Follow up and evaluate the efforts to protect rights and liberties 

 Legal Execution Department 
            Implement the legal execution of civil and bankruptcy cases, deal with business reorganization, liquidation and the deposit of assets in accordance with the court's order
            Conduct a study, analysis and research to develop the legal execution systems in civil and bankruptcy cases, business reorganization, liquidation and the deposit of assets to meet the same standard
            Promote public understanding in legal execution
            Settle disputes in legal execution and enhance collaboration and participation of government and private sectors in legal execution 

 Department of Juvenile Observation and Protection 
 Promote the protection of juvenile's rights and liberties
            Strengthen family and community ties
            Take legal proceedings in criminal and family cases
            Rehabilitate, supervise, follow up and evaluate the protection and rehabilitation of juveniles
            Seek cooperation from the community and establish networks of the community, public and private sectors at both domestic and international levels to enhance participation and support in juvenile justice system
            Study and develop laws related to the protection of juveniles' rights and liberties as well as the system and procedures for juvenile cases and treatment
            Carry out human resources development and administrative system to comply with the standard of public administration

 Department of Corrections 
 Detain and provide treatment to offenders according to the court's order under the principles of criminology, penology and in compliance with the UN Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners by providing them with education, vocational training, mental development and welfare in order to rehabilitate and help them to be decent, law-abiding citizens.

 Department of Special Investigation
 Prevent, suppress and control special crimes which seriously affect national economy, society, security and international relations through monitoring, fact finding, investigation, inquiry, bringing charges against offenders and rendering justice to the people in order to instill public confidence in justice.

 Office of Justice Affairs
 Be responsible for policies and justice system development through the study and evaluation of law enforcement, the findings of which will be submitted to National Justice Committee to set the operation guidelines for agencies in justice process, so such agencies can effectively render justice to people in the same directions
            Promote collaboration on technical and justice issues between both domestic and international agencies
            Organize forums to give an opportunity for people to express their opinions that may benefit the development of law and justice process

 Central Institute of Forensic Science
 Create and develop the data-base 
            Support the prevention and suppression of special crimes
            Manage the crime scene evidence
            Establish integrated network at both domestic and international levels
            Set the central standard of evidence examination that meets the international standard
            Propose the amendment and development of laws and regulations relating to forensic practices
            Conduct crime scene investigation in Nonthaburi province and postmortem in four provinces: Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya and Nakhon Nayok as requested by inquiry officers
            Serve, in cooperation with the Department of Special Investigation, as the central agency where complaints from injured person can be filed 
            Publicize the role of forensic science in justice process and promote public cooperation and understanding in forensic practices
            Establish the Missing Person Identification Centre and the National DNA Centre in order to integrate and develop the databases of anti-crime agencies

 Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB)
 Prevent and solve drug problems in Thailand by monitoring the proliferation of drugs
            Formulate and modify national narcotics control strategy to cope with present drug situations
            Manage the narcotics control efforts integratively 
            Control, follow up and evaluate the performance as stipulated by the strategy plan
            Supervise the narcotics law enforcement
            Examine the assets forfeited in drug cases
            Be a focal point for publicizing an anti-drug campaign
            Coordinate with international agencies
            Carry out human resources development, technical knowledge, information, and IT
            Empower the community, the private and civil sectors with regard to the prevention and solution of drug problems

 Office of the Attorney General
 Render justice by taking criminal proceedings in court as the state prosecutor
            Review investigation files, bring criminal prosecution against offenders and investigate the case committed outside the Kingdom of Thailand in accordance with the international cooperation agreement with regard to criminal cases
            Take legal proceedings in civil cases for the state, governmental agencies and juristic persons in order to protect the state interest or take legal proceedings in administrative cases for administrative agencies and government officials
            Protect public rights and liberties and provide legal assistance
            Carry out justice administration to ensure transparency and accountability as well as develop criminal laws and justice system to ensure that they are up-to-date and that justice can be rendered without delay

 Organization Structure In Bangkok รบกวนขอข้อมูลเพิ่มค่ะ

 In Other Provinces รบกวนขอข้อมูลเพิ่มค่ะ

 Anti Money Laundering Office (AMLO)
 Investigate financial transactions related to money laundering
            Prevent and suppress the offences of money laundering in the public and private sectors at both domestic and international levels
            Establish the network in the form of AMLO secret agents to acquire traces of money laundering offences


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