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    On March 25 ,B.E. 2434 (1891) , King Rama V established the Ministryof Justice to centralize all courts which were under various Ministries to the Ministry to the Ministry of Justice Krom-pra Sawasdi-wisit, as the first Senabodi (Minister), stipulated regulations on a new administration pattern of all courts.The former 16 courts were combined into 7 courts of Justice. Later, on April 3 ,B.E. 2455(1912). The regulation on justice administration was announced: dividing justice affairs into two main bodies: the Ministry of Justice was responsible for administration of clerical works and the Court of Justice was responsible for judiciary affairs.

     In 1991. the Act on Improvement of Government Organisation B.E. 2534 was promulgated. Article 21 of the Act indicated that the Ministry of Justice was responsible for the administration of the Court of Justice, except for the adjudication, and was supervised by the Minister of Justice.


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