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Toward an efficient organization committed to linking and developing justice system with respect for the rule of law and with unwavering sprit to instill public confidence and ensure their equal access to justice

            Uphold, protect and promote the rights, liberties and well-being of people in all walks of life 
            Ensure public access to justice 
            Prevent, suppress and investigate special crimes, corruption and drug offences 
            Raise the standard of forensic practices 
            Carry out and develop the treatment of offenders and drug users/addicts 
            Develop and promote the Restorative Justice and Alternative Justice Process for the sake of the public 
            Develop the execution of court's rulings, the deposit of assets and business reorganization 
            Establish and promote justice cooperation and linkage in every sector 
            Conduct research and development of laws and justice system 
            Raise the standard of justice affairs, develop justice administration as well as justice personnel based on the principle of good governance

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